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Augmented Care and Treatment (ACT) program actively addresses the multifaceted issues of dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis refers to individuals who have a developmental disability as well as a co-existing mental disorder or behavior disturbances. NCD embraces the tenets of Applied Behavior Analysis in its treatment of challenging behaviors and employs evidence-based behavioral approaches that are scientifically grounded in the principles of learning and behavioral change. The focus is positive behavioral change strategies that not only seek to eliminate serious and challenging behavioral problems, but also promote developmental skills and alternative behavior that is socially adaptive and personally gratifying. The goal is to provide supports and services in a compassionate way that upholds the dignity of service recipients, in the least restrictive environment. All services and supports are non-aversive.


Service recipients with significant behavior issues may be referred to the ACT Program after repeated unsuccessful attempts at resolving behavioral challenges. Thus, a primary objective of NCD’s ACT Program is to gain an understanding of the reasons why problems are continuing, and to develop a comprehensive approach which effectively addresses these problems. A second objective of the ACT Program is to confirm that the recipient's behavior will respond positively if the right therapeutic methods and arrangements can be found. Additionally, for many individuals whose placements have been principally determined by their behavior problems, other areas of their lives are often neglected and remain arrested. Therefore, a focus of support services is to accelerate the development of skills, to reinstate enjoyable and constructive activities, and to expand the recipient's ability to deal with more naturalized environments without reverting to problematic behavior. Rigorous documentation is maintained, including data on intervention methods, behavior change, skill acquisition, and outcomes achieved.


The ACT Program is guided by a multidisciplinary team of professionals including a licensed clinical social worker, psychologist, physician, registered nurse, and substance abuse counselor. In addition, the team will be enhanced with other professionals, including a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and psychiatric technician, as needed. The multidisciplinary team utilizes a variety of behavioral and naturalistic teaching methods and interventions such as role playing, modeling, antecedent control, schedules of reinforcement, psychoeducational training, and behavioral relaxation. The entire team will identify and respond to early signs of relapse. The team meets (at least) quarterly and focuses on stabilization strategies, developing and monitoring recipient service/support plans, etc. Team meetings are also called to address emergency situations.

NCD is a full service Supported Living Services (SLS) agency providing supports to persons with developmental disabilities and mental health issues


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