Complying with Industry Standards Collaborating with Experts

We are proud to be partnering with other community agencies in the development of programs that ensure quality in services.

Establishing Our Organization

The company was founded by MSW founder and CEO, Belinda White, and other industry professionals. Established to provide support services to persons diagnosed with cognitive disabilities and other psychological disorders, we maintain the quality and integrity in all that we do.

Our Mission

To lead the way in the provision of unparalleled services for dual diagnosis.

In addition to Supportive Living Services, NCD provides specialized supports utilizing the latest in mental health research.

Persons with dual diagnosis come from all ages and may have different levels of intellectual and adaptive functioning. Although the frequency of dual diagnosis varies widely, professionals estimate that 30-35% of all persons with developmental disabilities have a psychiatric disorder. Additionally, a full range of psychopathology existing in the general population can also co-exist in those with intellectual disabilities.

The co-existence of developmental disabilities and mental health challenges can have serious effects on a person’s daily functioning. These include:

  • Interference With Educational and Vocational Activities
  • Jeopardizing Residential Placements
  • Disrupting Family and Peer Relationships

In short, the presence of behavioral and emotional problems can greatly reduce the quality of life for persons with these disabilities.

Company Philosophy

We believe that every individual has the right to live full lives with dignity and self-determination. Our value for the intrinsic worth of every human being pushes us to work harder in finding unique solutions for our clients’ wants and needs. We do this by utilizing evidence-based practice and collaborating with like-minded experts in the field.