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Northern California Center for Developmental Disabilities, (NCD), was founded by Belinda White, MSW, along with other professionals from the fields of developmental disabilities and mental health, for the purpose of providing services of the highest quality and integrity to persons with developmental disabilities. NCD provides more than SLS services. With our multi-disciplinary team including Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nurses and others, as well as our ACT (Augmented Care and Treatment) program, we provide a true treatment based approach to the issues concerning those with developmental disabilites, and those with a co-existing mental disorder (dual diagnosis).

Many agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities are hesitant to serve those with a co-existing mental disorder. Because traditional supported living services (SLS) were not designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with a dual diagnosis, these individuals are often relegated to a more restrictive level of care than desired or needed. The scarcity of research and available information has left providers without the evidence-based treatment protocols necessary to provide appropriate services. Also, the higher level of expertise required of management and service staff has left agencies ill-equipped to provide higher level treatment services. However, with prevalence rates of dual diagnosis estimated to be as high as forty percent, the issues associated with supporting people who have a dual diagnosis continues to grow.

Persons with a dual diagnosis can be found at all ages and levels of intellectual and adaptive functioning. Estimates of the frequency of dual diagnosis vary widely, however many professionals have adopted the estimate that 30-35% of all persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities have a psychiatric disorder. In addition, it is noted that the full range of psychopathology which exists in the general population also can co-exist in persons who have intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The co-existence of intellectual or developmental disabilities and a psychiatric disorder can have serious effects on the persons daily functioning by interfering with educational and vocational activities, by jeopardizing residential placements, and by disrupting family and peer relationships. In short, the presence of behavioral and emotional problems can greatly reduce the quality of life for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

NCD is a comittee member with the North American Center for Dual Diagnosis (The NADD), in designing and developing a cirriculum to explore standardization and certification of those within this service sector to insure the highest quality services are provided.


The Mission of NCD is to:

Lead the way in the provision of unparalled services for dual diagnosis.

We Value:

* The intrinsic worth in every individual.

* The right to self-determination.

* Evidence-based practice.

* A strong emphasis on the unique needs and desires of each individual consumer.

* The right of consumers to live regular lives with dignity.